Return/Exchange/Warranty Policy

Placette Audio products may be returned or exchanged for any reason within (30) calendar days of receipt. The customer receives a full refund of the original price and applicable sales tax, less shipping/handling costs. Returned products must be in original as new condition and in original packaging as outlined below.

Because Placette Audio products really do represent a new paradigm in volume control and Preamp technology, we recommend that the new listener allow three/four weeks to not only break-in the hardware but also let your hearing get used to the actual, undistorted sound of your system. Placette controls and Pre-amps are truly transparent and do not have a sound of their own. They are merely passing on the signal that is put into them. This transparency is easy for the user to verify: Simply add the Placette between your old preamp and your power amp. You will notice that adding the Placette does not change the overall sound of your system. It will still sound like your system did before. Then, after getting used to the sound of using only the Placette, add your old preamp between the Placette and the power amp and you will quickly hear the coloration, brightness and smearing found in almost all other volume controls.

Trade up of passive components for active components will be accepted. The full purchase price of the passive unit will be applied to the cost of the active component. The trade-in must be in original “as new” condition...…BTW, almost half of all the Placette Active Line-stages sold have used this policy and, so far, the active version was preferred by every single user who has compared the two in spite of the higher cost. The difference is very small but at these levels of performance; a small increase in transparency can be very exciting.

Products with scores, gouges, damaged connector surfaces, dents, or have been disassembled in any way are not returnable or refundable. Placette Audio reserves the right to inspect any returns and at it’s discretion may charge the customer for repairs. No refunds after 30 calendar days. Custom or special ordered products are not returnable. Demo products are tested to meet original specifications, sold “as is” and are not returnable.

The customer must contact Placette Audio for a return Authorization before returning any product. Our Number is 1-208-863-1089. Once a return is authorized, the customer must return the product within (5) business days to receive a refund. The customer prepays all return shipping costs, insurance, applicable taxes, and duties for the returned or exchanged products. All shipping damage or loss is the responsibility of the customer. The customer must return all products to the physical address below:

Placette Audio
682 South Granite Way
Boise, Id. 83712

Placette Audio products are designed and built to last a lifetime and so they have a lifetime warranty. This does not apply if the device has been subjected to abuse, misuse, disassembly or modifications. The customer pays all return costs.